Pimax 5k+ review: Impressions and Measurements

Posted by AMILY XU

Before I write a review of Pimax 5k+ I have to make it clear that I had almost all the VR headsets, starting with the LG G3 and Homido phone, and then all the PC headsets (Deepoon e2/e3, Pimax 4k, Oculus DK2/CV1, HTC Vive+DAS, Lenovo Explorer, Dell Visor, Samsung Odyssey, Samsung Odyssey+) as well as PSVR v2 with PS4 Pro, Oculus Go.

At the time of receiving the Pimax 5k+ in January 2019, I only...

Finally ! Received Pimax 8K (Backer #141) - By grzvs

Posted by CHEN WANG

Bringing my grain of sand.

  • The wide field of view.
    The field of view is good, I though it would be more inmersive but vertical field of view kill it. I do not recommend anything less than wide field of view, because with medium and narrow you get again the feeling of a dive mask. You can see Distortion besides each side but as it is mentioned you get used to it and you have to do anormal view to...

Does the Pimax 5K+ Scratch my VR Itch? [COMIC STRIP] - By ItchyNutz

Posted by CHEN WANG


My Pimax 5k+ Review - By aesopfabled

Posted by CHEN WANG

-Pros and cons.

Some pros:

  1. This is the first hmd that is designed for virtual reality users, not people new to vr.
  2. It fixes a fundamental problem I dealt with for years now, the claustrophobic sensory deprivation of low field of vision.
  3. Pimax could have released this headset over a year earlier than it did. They heard the community say it needed tons of quality refinements, and a miracle in...

My Thoughts on the Pimax 5k - By TicTacToe

Posted by CHEN WANG

Current VR Systems: HTC Vive & Pimax 5k+


CPU: i7-7700

GPU :GTX 1070

RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400mhz

OS: Windows 10


  • Wide FOV
  • Cable doesn’t get twisted like the vives
  • The image is nice and clear
  • A big step forward in the VR industry
  • Colours are pretty decent
  • Compatible with my previous Vive setup
  • Runs most of my VR games just fine
  • The strap doesn’t hurt my head after playing VR for a while
  • Using...

Pimax 5K+ on GTX 1080 Review -By Yongkykun

Posted by CHEN WANG

My Pimax 5K+ with all the accessories I have installed


Greetings from Bali, Indonesia

Let me start off by saying that ever since I received this HMD, I have not touched my Vive at all and hopefully I should never have to.

This is the HMD that is so forward thinking that even to this day, no other manufacturers, not even HTC, Samsung, Valve, Oculus, HP, have come close to rivaling Pimaxwith its...

Overview and impressions of Pimax 8K. VR 2.0 is already here. The wide FOV wins in all categories! -By Century

Posted by CHEN WANG


A small review on 8K (comparison with Lenovo Explorer / Samsung Odyssey, including through the lens).

In general, I received today (or rather yesterday afternoon) the long-awaited Pimax 8K, the miracle finally happened (although after New Year’s Eve my faith in Pimaxbegan to dry up a little, and in general the desire is a little cooled down because of such a long wait. But at the moment it’s an...

Review: Pimax 5k+ -By Hoshi82

Posted by CHEN WANG

Have to say I am not the guy who needs a super slick design for a hmd. It have to work and when I am wearing said hmd I don’t care how I look like. So the design is ok and it has some sort of 80s touch with the blue led front. For me the overall look is appealing. But this is always personal preferences.

Wearing Experience
The first time…just terrible. The facepad is way to thin and...

5 Mistakes you shouldn't do ⛔ A 5k+ Review -By TheHolyOne

Posted by CHEN WANG

Hi everyone,

I’ve collected a short list of all the mistakes you should prevent under any circumstances. I wished I had this list myself because it would save me hours of my Life!

Oh, God. I wished I’ve never got a Pimax 5k+. But why? Well let’s split this topic into different groups:

The Screen door effect (SDE):
It’s by far the best I’ve seen in my life. Given I can only compare it to the SDE of...

My Pimax 5K+ Review -By Broklynite

Posted by CHEN WANG

Let’s get the framing info out of the way- I am running a 1080Ti, 8 gigs RAM (I know, I know, I want more too), i7.

I have the 5k+ loaner while I wait for the 8kX. Like all of us, I scoured every single review I found online, compared every picture, squinted to understand the pixel placement comparisons. I ended up going with the 5k+. Let’s talk about how I feel about that choice:

-Pros and cons.


5K+ Impressions by a Shortsighted and Large IPD User-By Korgen

Posted by CHEN WANG


Test configuration :
CPU: I7-6700k
MB: Asus Z170 Deluxe
Ram: 32gb
GPU: Asus Gtx 980 Strix
Nvidia driver 419.35
Pitool Beta

Biometrics :
Height: 1.70m
Head size: 61cm
IPD: 72mm
short-sight: left -2.75 / right -2.00

Installation and first running :

After unboxing my brand new headset (the box was torn but it doesn’t really matter) I was looking for any external issues like cracking: none...

Pimax 5K+ a hell of a ride

Posted by TOM SHI

About me

I got into VR about 2 years ago, after the first months of excitement I hardly played in VR once a week… The claustrophobic small FOV of the older generation always bothered me at that point in time. Then the savior named Pimax came along the way and gave me hopes for a new fantastic VR experience.

After endless months of waiting, checking the forums, reddit and the youtube channels of...

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