Review and parallel gaming with 2 HMDs on 1 PC!

Posted by TOM SHI

:wave: Hello my highly interested VR-friend, I will guide you through a journey of pain :fist_right::face_with_head_bandage: and enlightenment. :innocent::heart_eyes:
Showing you the pros and cons of the Pimax headset in relation to other common headset available on the market and test out gaming with :v: two HMDs on one PC. Be prepared to be amazed! :hugs:

My pledge was a 8k version of the Pimax, I switched down to the 5k+ due some early reviews of the early YouTube...

Pimax 5K+ Headset Review: Smashing Through the Bounds of VR

Posted by BOB WENG

I’m often asked what improvements does VR tech need to make it better for fitness. The fact of the matter is, the same advances that will make VR better for gaming will also make it better for fitness. Lighter, better-ventilated headsets, wireless technology, a higher field of view, and greater durability are all coming to VR, but with the launch of the Pimax 8k and 5K+ are those advancements...

Going Hands-on With Pimax 8K, 5K Plus and Everything in Between

Posted by BOB WENG

Pimax had a range of demos at CES 2019


Pimax 8K VR Headset Hands-on: Swimming in Color

Posted by BOB WENG

Hands-on: Pimax’s Ultrawide “8K” & “5K” Plus See Big Improvements on the Path to Launch

Posted by BOB WENG

Last year at CES we took a good long look at Pimax’s “8K” headset and saw potential, but identified a number of key issues that would need addressing before the headsets actually hit the market. This year at CES, our hands-on with Pimax’s latest headsets shows that they’ve made big progress and addressed most of the major issues seen last year.


It took a few delays over the course of 2018, but...

CES 2019 Live: Trying Out The Pimax 5K OLED Version

Posted by MOZI WEI

CES 2019: Live Interview Pimax Head Of USA

Posted by XUNSHU LI

Pimax Backer Meetup

Posted by AMILY XU

 - First Impression Interviews: Pimax 8k or Pimax 5k Plus? What is better?


Pimax - Unboxing, Setup and First Impresions w/Guest Streamer HokaLate

Posted by AMILY XU

Transpose - Ein wundervolles Spiel mit der Zeit!

Posted by TOM SHI


Posted by JUNN JIAO

"i baked the Pimax 8K right at the start and got Backer Number 302."

Posted by SYBIL SHAN

"Hey there,
i baked the Pimax 8K right at the start and got Backer Number 302.
The Package arrived just before Christmas so thank you very much Pimax, this is the best Christmas gift! :heart_eyes:
So i made an unboxing Video in German for you guys (who speak German :sweat_smile: )..."

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